Cloudyn Product Updates - Enterprise Entity Tagging

Cloudyn enables you to apply entity tags to your Cloudyn entities.  Cloudyn entity tagging applies to all of the spend encompassed in the entities’ accounts as well as all of their resources.  This can be used to implement the grouping of resources and spend that best reflects your internal organizational structure.


To ease the addition and management of entity tags, the tagging of an entity is automatically inherited by its sub-entities, though it can be overwritten by modifying the account tags in the sub-entity.


For example, entity X has two sub entities, Y and Z.  You add the Cost Center entity tag to entity X with the value CC15.  All resources and spend in entities Y and Z will now also be tagged with Cost Center CC15. However, if entity Y is part of Cost Center CC22, you can modify the Cost Center tagging of entity Y to CC22.


Entity tags are created and managed in our Cloud Accounts panel by selecting Edit to the right of each entity name.