Adding Google Accounts to Cloudyn

This article explains how to create a dedicated read-only Cloudyn user for an existing project on the Google Cloud Console.

  • Log in to the Google Cloud Console and select the project you would like to monitor in Cloudyn.
  • Enable billing for your project:
    • Go to the Cloud Platform Console.
    • From the projects list, select your project.


    • Open the console left side menu and select Billing.


    • Click Enable billing. (If billing is already enabled then this option isn't available.)
    • If you don't have a billing account, create one and define the billing bucket (see sections 4 and 5 below for instructions).
    • Select your location, fill out the form, and click Submit.


Once you’ve entered your billing details, enable an API for your project for the list of services listed below:

  • In Google Cloud Console, open the left side menu and select API Manager 
  • Select Library.
  • Click the API you want to enable. If you need help finding the API, use the search field.
  • Click ENABLE
  • List of API to enable:
    • DataStore
    • Cloud SQL
    • Google Cloud Storage
    • BitQuery
    • Google Cloud Storage JSON
    • Google Compute Engine.


Create New Billing Account

  • Go to the Cloud Platform Console and sign in or, if you don't already have an account, sign up.
  • Open the console left side menu and select Billing  
  • Click the New billing account button. (Note that if this is not your first billing account, first you need to open the billing account list by clicking the name of your existing billing account near the top of the page, and then clicking Manage billing accounts.)
  • Enter the name of the billing account and enter your billing information. The options you see depend on the country of your billing address. Note that for United States accounts, you cannot change tax status after the account is created.
  • Click Submit and enable billing.

By default, the person who creates the billing account is a billing administrator for the account.


Define billing bucket:

If you haven't already created a bucket in Google Cloud Storage, you need to create one. For instructions, see Creating Storage Buckets.

  • Then to enable billing export, go to the Cloud Platform Console.
  • Open the left side menu and select Billing
  • If you have more than one billing account, select the name of the account you're interested in.
  • Click Billing export.
  • Select File export.
  • For Bucket name, specify name of the Cloud Storage bucket into which billing reports will be exported. The Google Service Account is granted write access to this bucket.
  • For Report prefix, specify a prefix for the Cloud Storage object name for the exported reports. The year, month, and day is appended to the prefix.
  • For Format, select CSV or JSON.
  • Click Enable billing export.
  • Contents of the exported billing file


Using Google Cloud Storage to store usage reports will incur minimal fees. For more information, see Google Cloud Storage Pricing.