Adding Azure Resource Manager

Updating your ARM credentials will allow Cloudyn to quickly discover all the accounts and subscriptions within your EA. If you also have diagnostics and insights enabled on your machine, we will also be able to collect extended metrics, like CPU and memory for those machines.

Still don't have Diagnostics and Insights enabled? Click here for our step by step tutorial.

This article is a guide of how to allow access to Azure Resource Manager API’s.

When you select add new account, the pop up box below will appear and request you add the 3 fields below.



If you are updating an account that already exists in Cloudyn then select the pencil account to the right of the account name.



1. Section One: Adding Your Account Email

Enter the relevant e-mail address.  The e-mail must be that of the owner of the account being added.


2. Section Two: Adding the Tenant ID

Login to the Azure portal Azure management console as the account owner. Please keep in mind that to access the required data, the user must have the role in Azure of a Service Administrator (Co-administrator is not sufficient).



Once logged in, navigate to Settings > Subscriptions.

The tenant ID is the value in parenthesis under Directory.



In the new Azure portal the tenant can also be found as the domain value that is visible at the top right of the page.



3. Section Three: Adding the Rate ID

The rate ID can be found in your billing information of the regular Azure portal. 

Select your e-mail address at the top right of the page and then select “View my bill”.



Once you are in the billing page, under Settings select “Subscriptions”.  Once you select one of the subscriptions, the rate ID is the “Offer ID” at the bottom right of the page.



4. Authentication & Permission

After you have completed the fields, select “Next”.  You will then be redirected to an Azure login page where you will have to re-login.  If you are logged in as a different user you will be asked to login with the relevant user.


Once you have successfully logged in, the screen below will appear and request that you grant the necessary permissions to Cloudyn.  Once you select “Accept”, the process is complete.



You will now be redirected back to Cloudyn and we will process these credentials. When the process is finished the Cloud Account panel will be displayed and a check mark will appear in the ARM column.