Creating Custom Charges

Cost > Cost Management > Custom Charges

 You can create a custom charges to reflect costs that are not shown in the billing. 

These are custom line items. These line items cannot be mark ups or changes to the cloud providers' costs.
For example: If an MSP wants to show a recurring standard allocated fees, provide a 5% discount due to a billing discrepancy, or you purchased professional services that are added to your bill, a line item can be added to the report.

Note: Custom charges are not custom pricing. This does not show the different rates that you may be charging. For example, AWS billing charges are displayed as they are charged by AWS. 

To create a custom charge: 

  1. In Custom Charges, click Add New. The Add New Custom Charge dialog box is displayed. 
  2. In Provider Name, enter the name of the provider.
  3. In Service Name, enter the type of service. For custom service charges, see Creating Custom Service Charges.
  4. In Description, add a description for the custom charge.
  5. In Type, enter the type and the amount.
  6. In Payment, select if the charge is a One-Time Fee or Recurring Fee. If the charge is a Recurring Fee, select Amortized if you want the charge to be amortized and select the number of months.
  7. In Dates, (if one time fee is selected), in Effective Date, enter the date the charge is paid. (If Recurring Fee is selected), enter the date range including start date and the end date for the charge.
  8. In the Entities tree, select the entities for which to apply the charge and select ON. 

Note: The entities that are set to the descendants in the tree, the user will not be able to change it. Charges that were added by the administrator to a parent entity are read only.  

To view custom charges:
Custom charges are used in Cost reports. For example, from Actual Cost Analysis report, in Extended Filters, select Standalone. Filter to show Custom Charges.

Note: When selecting multiple services for a single discount/custom charge, the report displays multiple services that contain this discount. To view the specific services, go to Custom Charges and click Edit to view the services with the discount/custom charge.