EC2 Currently Unused Reservations Report

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The EC2 Currently Unused Reservations report provides a list of reserved instances that are currently unused or underutilized. Based on Cloudyn results, you can spin up relevant instances, modify reserved instances based on the relocation recommendations when matching on-demand machines are running, or potentially sell the reserved instances in AWS marketplace.

Use this report to:

  • View unused or under-utilized reserved instances
  • Find opportunities to modify reserved instances to match on-demand instances you are already using.
  • Take action on unused and underutilized RIs

EC2 Currently Unused Reservations Report Overview


Field Description
Account Name The account or subscription name.
Region Region the resource is hosted.
Instance Family

Select the instance family to display in the report.


The operating system.


Whether a machine is running as a dedicated machine.

Extended Filters

Policy - Consolidated, Standalone or show all.

Click + to expand the line item to view unused reservations and potential RI modifications.

To modify unused reservations:
1. In EC2 Currently Unused Reservations report, click + on the line of the account you want to modify.
2. Click Modify. The Modify RI report is displayed.
3. Click + to expand the RI you want to modify.
4. In Reservation Quantity, select + or - to change the reservation quantity.
5. Click Apply to save the changes.