RDS RI Buying Recommendations

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RDS RI Buying Recommendations report recommends when to use Reserved Instances in place of On-Demand Instances.


Groups and Filters


Account Name The account or subscription name.
Region Region the resource is hosted.
Availability Zone AWS isolated locations within a region.
Instance Type Select the instance type or show all.
Engine Select an engine or show all.
Offering Type Show all, All upfront


Extended Filters


Policy - Consolidated or standalone. Offering Type - Heavy only, medium only, light only, medium and light only, heavy and light only, heavy and medium only.



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  • Details - This section provides a detailed explanation of the deployment recommendation including: Account Name, Region, VPC, Instance Type, Offering Type, Availability Zone, Tenancy, Quantity

    Justification - the on demand cost vs. the cost using reserved instances

    Impact - Total annual savings in currency and percentage

  • EC2 RI Purchase Impact

This section provides a simulation of the difference between on demand vs reserved instances. Click Zoom in to see the full RDS RI Purchase Impact report with the filters already defined to your recommendation.


  • Saving Analysis
  • EC2 RI Type Comparison

This section provides emphasizes the ROI highlights of the recommended deployment, including all relevant options. The results in this report assume that the machine is running at 100% uptime.

Click Zoom In to open the detailed report for the selected machine.

Other sections include:

  • Instances Over Time
  • Break-Even Points = shows the time where buying RIs ROI is noted.