Longest Running Instances Report

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Use this report to find vital information about the longest running instances within the selected time range.


Viewing Instances with the Longest Runtime Hours


  1. From the Instance Explorer report, sort the report by runtime hours


         Go to Longest Running Instances report.

  1. Select the Date Range  for which you want to view the longest running instances.

  2. Select Tags.

  3. Select the filter.

  4. In Extended Filters, select Longer than to set the minimum time the instance should have been running.

  5. In Limit, set the maximum number of instances to display in the report.

  6. Expand the line item to view the details for the instance.


Groups and Filters


Field Description
Account Name The account or subscription name.
Region Region the resource is hosted.
Availability Zone

AWS isolated locations within a region.

Instance Type

The type of instance as defined by the provider.


The operating system.

Spot Whether the AWS instance is running as Spot or On-Demand.
Security Group A security group is a virtual firewall that controls the traffic for one or more instances.


Extended Filters


Longer Than - The amount of time an instance needs to be running to be displayed in the report.
Limit - The maximum number of rows to display.