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The Compute Power Over Time report provides a breakdown of compute power over a specified date range.  While our other reports show the number of running machines or the runtime hours, this report provides the valuable perspective of the Core hours, Compute unit hours, or GB RAM hours of your deployment.

This report is linked to your Cost Allocation 360° policies so results will be displayed based on the defined tagging and policies of your Cost Allocation 360° policies.


Use this report to:

  • Check compute power within a specified date range
  • View compute times based on cost allocation models


Note: If you created a policy in the Cost Allocation Model, the results displayed will be based on the selected cost policy. If there is no policy created, there will not be results. To create a policy, see Creating a Policy.


Select a Date Range.


Select Tags to include in the report.


Groups and Filters


Field Description
Provider The cloud provider to which the assets and expenses are associated.
Service Select the services to include in the report. Use the Search bar at the top of the list to quickly find services by name.
Linked Account

For AWS users, using consolidated billing in AWS, an account designated as a payer account can pay the charges of the other accounts, which are called linked accounts. The payer account and the accounts linked to it are called a Consolidated Billing account family.

For Azure users, a linked account are the subscriptions linked to the parent account.
Cost Type

Select the cost type.


Region the resource is hosted.

Availability Zone

AWS isolated locations within a region.

Usage Type

Usage type can be one-time fees or recurring fees.

Resource Type

The type of resource in use.

Sub Type Select the sub-type(s) you want to include in the report. 
Operation Select the operation.


Extended Filters


Use the extended filters to set additional criteria for determining the results in the report.

Cost Model - Select the cost model.
Display Unit
- Core hours, Compute Unit hours or GB RAM hours
Allocation Rules
- Applied or disabled
- Show or Hide