Viewing Currently Active Instances

Assets > Compute > Instance Explorer


Using the Instance Explorer report, you can create a list of all machines, including aggregated running hours of all machines that were active during a time range. Select a date range to select the filters you would like displayed in the report.


To view instances active during a specific date range, use the Instance Explorer report.

  1. In Date Range, select the date range for the time frame you want to analyze.

  2. In Tags, select the tag values you want to be included in the report or click Add to add additional groups.


Use Extended Filters to define the criteria for the results displayed in the report:

  • Show - Select Currently active instances

  • Provider - Select the provider to display (or show all)

  • Service - Select the service to display (or show all)

  • Account Name - Select a single account or all accounts

  • Region - Select the region

  • Availability Zone - Select the availability zone

  • Instance Type- Select the instance type

  • Platform - Select the platform


State - Select State if you want to see all machine that were active within a specific date range; but are currently stopped or terminated. Select Show to select Instances Running within the date range and for State you can select Stopped or Terminated.