Cloudyn Product Updates – Managing Budgets

Setting up budgets and budget-based alerts enable Cloudyn customers to improve their cloud governance and facilitate better cloud accountability. 


Users of the “Enterprise” and “MSP” versions of Cloudyn can now leverage their hierarchical cost entity structure to assign monthly budget quotas to their different business units, departments or any other cost entity. “Premium” users will also have the budget management functionality, which will be applied to their entire cloud spend. Budgets can be manually assigned.  

Based on the assigned budgets, users will be able to set threshold alerts based on the percentage of budget consumed, and define the severity of each threshold.

In addition, budget reports will now reflect the assigned budget, showing the budget as part of the report, so users are aware of their (over/under/par) budget consumption over time. Using Show/Hide Fields at the top of the report, you can select to view cost, budget, accumulated cost, and total budget.