Porting Your Deployment - Detailed Mapping by Rate Report

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Use this report to view a detailed mapping of your deployment to a different cloud provider.


Mapping a New Port for Deployment

To map a new port of your deployment:

  1. Set the Date Range.
  2. Select the Tags to include in the results.
  3. Select the filters you want to include in the report. Filter options include: Account Name, Region, Availability Zone, Instance Type, Platform.
  4. In Extended Filters, select:
    • Porting From
    • Porting To
    • Region Best Match
    • Instance Type Best Match
    • Target Rate ID
    • Limit




Fields Description
Account Name The account or subscription name.
Region Region the resource is hosted.
Availability Zone

AWS isolated locations within a region.

Instance Type

Select an instance type or show all.


The operating system.

State Current state of the instance. Activated, Terminated, Stopped.


Extended Filters

Porting - To The provider you want to port to.
Porting From - The provider you want to port from.
Region Best Match - By proximity, By capacity, By cost.
Instance Best Match - By ECU, By RAM, By Higher ECU, By Higher RAM.