EC2 RI Purchase Impact Report

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The EC2 RI Purchase Impact report allows you to simulate reserved instance cost versus on-demand cost over time to assist you in making better purchasing decisions.  Adjusting the filters such as average runtime, term, platform, and others allow you to make informed decisions when considering RI purchases.


Extended Filters

Offering Type - The payment type for Reserved Instances. Select All Upfront, Partial Upfront, No Upfront.
Avg Runtime % - The average amount of time the machine has been active (in %)
Quantity - The number of RIs.
Region - Region the resource is hosted.
Payment - Display The way in which the RI purchase is presented.
Instance Type - Select the instance type.
Platform - The operating system.
Tenancy - Whether a machine is running as a dedicated machine.
Term - Select one or three year.


Click Show/Hide Fields to view or remove items from the results.
Options include: Month, On-Demand Accumulated Cost, RI Accumulated Cost, Accumulated Savings.