All Sizing Recommendations Report


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This report provides a list of underutilized instances that are candidates for downsizing. The recommendations are based on the usage and performance data of the last 30 days. Within each recommendation you can view complete details and performance metrics of the instance. Recommendations can be filtered by Tags or Security Groups. Filter by Provider, Service, Account Name, Region, Availability Zone, Instance Type, Platform, State, Monitoring Status.



For AWS users that have purchased reserved instances, keep in mind that this report contains results for all running instances, including those running as RI’s.

Use this report to export Instance IDs

Use All Sizing Recommendations report to:

  • See a list of all of your instances that are candidates for downsizing
  • Export a report list that contains the Instance Names and IDs


All Sizing Recommendations Report Overview


When available, select Tags to include in the report.


Groups and Filters


Field Description
Provider The cloud provider to which the assets and expenses are associated.
Service Select a service or show all services.
Account Name

The account or subscription name.


Region the resource is hosted.

Availability Zone

AWS isolated locations within a region.

Instance Type Select the instance type or show all instance types.
Platform (Linux/Unix) The operating system.
State Current state of the instance. Activated, Terminated, Stopped.
Monitoring Status Ready, In Progress or Show All
Scope Show all, Family switch, Instance size switch


To view recommendation details for a specific Instance, click + to expand the details.


Recommendation Details

This section provides the overview of the recommendation



This section provides the list of the tag keys and values for the selected instance. Use the left pane, Tags, to filter this section.


CPU Utilization

This section provides the CPU utilization for the instance over the last month (by day).

Click on the graph to drill down to open Instance CPU Over Time Report, which provides a breakdown of the instances.

  • Use Show/Hide Fields to add or remove fields: Timestamp, Avg CPU, Min CPU, Max CPU.
  • Use Date Range to enter a date or date range and drill into a specific InstanceID.
  • Use Extended Filters to show all or a specific Instance ID
  • Click Zoom in to open the CPU Utilization Report

Note: If the instance has not been monitored for 30 days, incomplete data will be available.


Memory Utilization (GB)

This section provides information on the memory utilized.

For AWS users, memory metrics are not automatically available and need to be added per instance through AWS.  Keep in mind AWS charges for the enabling of memory metrics of EC2 instances.


Memory Utilization (%)

This section displays the % of memory used.


Network Input Traffic

This section displays a snapshot over time of the network traffic (average and maximum) for the selected instance. Hover over the lines to see the date and maximum traffic for that time.

Click Zoom In to open the Network Input Traffic Report.

Network Output Traffic Report

The section displays a snapshot of the network output traffic for the selected instance.

Hover over the lines to see the date and maximum traffic for that time.

Click Zoom In to open the Network Output Traffic Report.