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Cost-Effective Sizing Recommendations report provides results for AWS and Microsoft Azure. For users of AWS, your purchased RI’s are taken into consideration and results will not include machines running as RI’s.  This report provides a list of underutilized instances that are candidates for downsizing. The recommendations are based on the usage and performance data of the last 30 days.  Within each recommendation, you can see a list of the candidates for downsizing, the justification for downsizing, as well as a link to see complete details and performance metrics of the instance.  When relevant, recommendations will advise changing to newer generation instance types.


Recommendations can be filtered by Tags or Security Groups. Filter by Provider, Service, Account Name, Region, Availability Zone, Instance Type, Platform, State, Monitoring Status.


Use Cost-Effective Sizing Recommendations Report to:

  • View recommendations and justifications for downsizing

: The list of Instance IDs that we recommend to downsize cannot be downloaded from this report. To download Instance IDs, see All Sizing Recommendations report.


Cost-Effective Sizing Recommendations Overview


The Cost-Effective Sizing Recommendations report provides details of the downsizing justification. In this example, there are six m3.xlarge running instances. Cloudyn analysis shows that five of them have low CPU utilization and are candidates for downsizing.


In Cost Impact, the cost impact is calculated. In this example, by expanding the line item, you can see that the current pricing 1 m3.xlarge (Linux/Unix) costs $0.266  per hour and 1 m3.large (Linux/Unix) costs $0.133 per hour.  Therefore, the annual cost for 5 m3.xlarge instances at 100% utilization is $11,651. The annual cost for 5 m3.large instances at 100% utilization is $5,825. The potential savings is $5,825.

Tip: Use Show/Hide fields to show or hide additional filters or tags in the report



When available, select Tags to include in the report.


Groups and Filters


Field Description
Provider The cloud provider to which the assets and expenses are associated.
Service Select a service or show all services.
Account Name

The account or subscription name.


Region the resource is hosted.

Availability Zone

AWS isolated locations within a region.

Instance Type Select the instance type.
Platform The operating system.


To view cost-effective sizing justifications:

Click + to expand the line item.

In Details:

  • Downsizing justification displays the current deployment and the number of instances recommended for downsizing.
  • Cost Impact displays the calculation used to determine potential savings.
  • Potential Annual Savings displays the potential annual savings when downsizing per Cloudyn's recommendation.