EC2 Reserved Instances Report

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The EC2 Reserved Instances report provides you with a single view of all Reserved Instances. This report displays each purchase is its own line item and details about that purchase such as the account that purchased it, the type of purchase and instance type, days remaining and so on. You can show or hide report data using Show/Hide Fields.


Use EC2 Reserved Instances report to view:

  • A list of all reservations by purchase date
  • Time remaining until the RI expires
  • One-time fees
  • Original purchase ID (reservation ID)
  • Which account purchased RIs and when

Groups and Filters


Account Name The account or subscription name.
Offering Type The payment type for Reserved Instances. Select All Upfront, Partial Upfront, No Upfront.
Region Region the resource is hosted.
Availability Zone AWS isolated locations within a region.
Instance Family Select the instance family.
Instance Type Select the instance type.
Platform The operating system.
Modification Status Active, Retired or show all.


Tip: Use Show/Hide Fields to remove or show the fields as you review the report.


Extended filters: Show Active, Retired, Show All