Savings Over Time Report

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Use the Savings Over Time report to view the savings achieved through the usage of reserved instances as well as spot instances. This is a great tool to show the ROI achieved over time as a result of RI purchases.

To view savings from RI’s, group the results by Price Model and select reservation.  Or to view RI savings achieved by a specific account, or instance type, add the relevant grouping and filter to the account or instance type.

To see savings from Spot instance use, filter the Price Model filter to spot. The default filter for this report is RI and Spot Instances.

Date Range  

Groups and Filters

Field Description
Customer Select the customer.
Provider The cloud provider to which the assets and expenses are associated.

Region the resource is hosted.

Cost Type

Select the cost type.

Account Name

The account or subscription name

Account No. Select the account number
Parent Account Select the parent account.
Service Select the service.
Availability Zone AWS isolated locations within a region.
Usage Type Usage type can be one-time fees or recurring fees.
Resource Type The type of resource in use.
Resource Sub Type The resource sub type.
Operation Select the operation.
Price Model Select the price model.
Tenancy Whether a machine is running as a dedicated machine.

Extended Filter: 

Resolution - Day, week, month, quarter, year.
Policy - Consolidated or standalone.