EC2 Reservations Over Time Report

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The EC2 Reservations Over Time report tracks the status your usage of your purchased EC2 RI’s. The resolution of this report can be by hour, day, or week.


Use this report to:

  • Display reservations purchased that are used and not used.
  • Drill into resolution by hour to see RI usage per hour


EC2 Reservations Over Time Overview

EC2 Reservations Over Time allows you to select the date range to display in the report.


Select a Date Range.


Extended Filters


Field Description
Policy Consolidated or standalone.
Service Select the service to include in the report.
Account Name

Select the account name to include in the report.


Region the resource is hosted.

Availability Zone

AWS isolated locations within a region.

Instance Type Select the instance type to include in the report.
Platform The operating system.
Tenancy Whether a machine is running as a dedicated machine.
Resolution The granularity of the report.