EC2 RI Calculator

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Use the Reserved Instance Calculator to set up optimization criteria for your reserved instances and take action to optimize EC2 RIs.


Optimization Overview 


Field Description
Annual EC2 Projected Cost Projected costs for the current annual set up.

Maximum Potential Savings The maximum potential savings from optimizing your current set up.

Saving Options

Optimization options are displayed for 1-year and 3-year reservations.

Optimized Cost

Comparison of optimized cost for 1-year or 3-year reservations.
Start saving in

Month your organization will start saving if using 1-year or 3-year reservation.



Optimization Set Up


Field Description
Policy Select the policy type. Consolidated, stand-alone or all policies.
Account Name Select the account name or select all accounts.
Reservation Term

Select 1 or 3-year term reservations to optimize.

Max One-Time Payment (%)

% of total cost you are willing to spend as a one-time fee.

Annual EC2 Projected Cost

The annual projected cost for the selected RIs.

Optimized Cost The optimized cost for the selected RIs
Saving The amount saved by optimizing RIs
Expected One-Time Payment The amount to be paid as a one-time fee.


Actionable Recommendations

Actionable Recommendations tab displays the details of the recommended RI deployments. The top of the page highlights the one-time fee, the number of months it will take to start saving, the optimized costs including the one-time fees, and the amount of money saved. Expand the line items to see full deployment details including justifications for using the set up and the cost comparison and savings.