Viewing Azure Resources Running Over a Specified Time Frame

Assets > Resources >Azure Resources Over Time


You can view Azure resource usage during a specific date or date range.


To view Azure resource usage over a specified time frame:


  1. In Date Range, select the date or time frame for which you want to view resource usage.

  2. If you would like results limited to specific tags, in Tags, click Add to filter the tag keys you want to see in the report. For more information, see Filtering Tag Values.

  3. In Groups, select the groups by which you want to view the resource usage. Options include: Service, Service Name, Provider, Account Name, Region, Resource Type, Sub Type and Unit.

  4. In Filter, filter the group to a specific resource or show all of the resources for that group.

  5. In Resolution, select the granularity you want to drill down to. Options include: day, week, month, quarter, year.