Scheduling a Threshold Alert (From an Actual Cost Analysis Report)

You can schedule a threshold alerts to notify you when you are reaching your budget.

To schedule a threshold alert:

  1. From the Actual Cost Analysis report, Actions, select Schedule Report. The Save or Schedule Report window is displayed.

  2. Go to the Save Details tab to name the report, create a URL for the report and add a description.

  3. Select Public Report to make this report available to others.

  4. Go to the Scheduling.

  5. In Send to, select the recipient of this report. If the recipient email does not appear in the list, you can add a new recipient.

  6. In Schedule, set the report schedule to Daily, Weekly or Monthly and select the time for the report to be sent.

  7. In Report format, select whether you want the report to be delivered as an email or as an Excel attachment to the email.

  8. Click Save.

  9. Go to the Threshold tab to select the threshold metric:
  • Actual cost vs threshold - select this option if you want to see the threshold considering any one-time initial payment made. - The threshold is applied against the actual cost.

  • Amortized cost vs threshold - select this option if you want to spread out the one-time fee into the monthly costs. - The threshold is applied against the amortized cost in which one time purchase costs are spread across the life of the purchased asset.
  1. Click Save.