Grouping and Filtering in Cost Over Time Report

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Groups and Fields


Field Description
Provider The cloud provider to which the assets and expenses are associated.
Cost Center Select a specific cost center or show all cost centers.
Service Select the service or show all services.
Customer Select a specific customer or show all customers
Linked Account

For AWS users, using consolidated billing in AWS, an account designated as a payer account can pay the charges of the other accounts, which are called linked accounts. The payer account and the accounts linked to it are called a Consolidated Billing account family.

For Azure users, a linked account are the subscriptions linked to the parent account.
Cost Type One-time fees, support costs or usage costs.
Region Region the resource is hosted.
Availability Zone AWS isolated locations within a region.
Usage Type Database, Instance, Management, Middleware, Network, Notification


Extended Filters


Field Description
Cost Model The policies created in the Cost Allocation Manager.

Actual Cost (RI one-time fee) or Amortized Cost.

Note: Selecting Amortization will display the cost of a one-time fee as if it was calculated over the lifetime of the instance, rather than as a one-time fee.

Allocation Rules Applied or Disabled. Select Disabled to turn off Cloudyn cost models created for your organization.
Uncategorized Show or hide uncategorized costs.