Cost Analysis Report

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The Cost Analysis report provides insight into your cloud consumption and spend during a selected time frame. The policies set in the Cost Allocation Manager are used in the Cost Analysis report.  


How does Cloudyn calculate this report?


Cloudyn processes cost data (billing) and matches the data to the usage and tag data of your cloud accounts. To match this data, Cloudyn requires access to your usage data. Accounts that are missing credentials, are labeled as uncategorized resources.

Cloudyn makes sure allocation retains the integrity of each linked account by applying Account Affinity. This ensures an account that does not use a specific service will not have any costs of this service allocated to it. The costs accrued in that account remain in that account and are not calculated by the allocation policies. For example, if you have five linked accounts and only three of them use storage services, the cost of storage services will only be allocated across tags in these three accounts.


Use Cost Analysis report to:

  • Display an aggregated view of your entire deployment for a specific time frame.

  • View costs by tag categories based on policies created in the cost model.