Assigning Rules to Uncategorized Resources

Uncategorized resources are resources that do not have tags. The Uncategorized Resources tab displays all of your billed services. Cloudyn’s Cost Allocation 360° tool lets you create allocation rules to categorize all of your uncategorized resources.


In the Categorization tab, you can view the percentage of the tagged instances for each category. The percentages for the uncategorized resources are the percentage remaining from the categorized resources. If the categorized resource group is 85%, then the uncategorized resources is 15%. All other services are completely uncategorized. The Uncategorized Resources tab displays the total cost in the last thirty days for each of the active services.


Use the Uncategorized Resources tab to create allocation rules to allocate the costs for the uncategorized resources in the report.


Tip: It is recommended to create allocation rules for all services.


To create an allocation rule for an uncategorized resource:

  1. Select the desired service(s) to be allocated.

  2. Select one of the following distribution options and the relevant relation:
  • Proportional to Categorized – Select this option if you want to allocate the uncategorized resources in the same proportion as the selected categorized resource group is displayed.

    For example: If a specific tag value in the categorized resource group used 55% of the categorized (tagged) resource; the same value will be allocated 55% of the uncategorized (untagged) resource.
  • Proportional to Categorized and Uncategorized – Select this option if you would like to apply allocation to your untagged resources with the same proportion as your existing proportional allocation. For example, if 80% of your instances are tagged and 20% are untagged, this rule will allocate proportionally 80% of the untagged resources (16%), but the remainder will remain uncategorized.

    Note: This is the default rule applied to all services that do not have an allocation rule.
  • Explicit Distribution – Select this option if you would like the entire uncategorized cost of this service allocated to a specific tag value or distributed across a few of them. Enter the percentage you would like distributed and select a tag value.  If you entered less than 100%, select +Distribution Rule and enter a percentage and select a tag value.  Continue until 100% of the cost is distributed.
  1. Click Create to save the rule.

  2. In AWS Reserved Instances, assign reservations to selected accounts or categories. [optional – For AWS customers only]

  3. In Summary, review the new rule details in a single view.