Saving and Sharing Reports

Once you create a report, you can save it for future use. Saved reports are available in My Tools > My Reports.

To save a report:

  1. In Actions, select Save to my reports.
  2. Name the report.
  3. Add a URL. This can be an automatic URL, or, if you prefer, click Customized URL to create your own URL.
  4. (Optional) In Share, select Public if you want to share the report with others within your organization or select My Entity to share within your entity only. Note: If you do not share the report, it remains a personal report, to which only you have view access.
  5. Click Save.


To save a report to an S3 bucket:

  1. In Actions, select Schedule Report.
  2. Name the report.
  3. Select Save to bucket.
    • In Bucket, select the bucket to which to save the report or click Add New to add a new bucket.
    • Select a prefix to be used in the report file name.
    • Select the format (CSV or JSON)
  4. Click Save.