Creating a Custom Dashboard

Dashboards allow you to view key metrics in a single view. Dashboards provide highlights of business trends and can assist you in making important business decisions.

To create a custom dashboard:

  1. On the homepage, click Add New +. The My Dashboard page is displayed.

  2. Click + Add New The Add New Report dialog box is displayed.

  3. Select the report for which you want to add the dashboard widget. The widget is added to the dashboard.

  4. Repeat steps 2-3 until the dashboard is complete.

  5. To change the name of the dashboard, click the name of the dashboard on the Dashboard home page and type the new name.

Tip: To get a headstart when creating a custom dashboard, you can duplicate (or clone) the dashboard to take the properties from an existing dashboard and modify it to suit you needs. From the Dashboard you want to clone, click Duplicate. This action can be done for customer dashboards only. Cloudyn default dashboards cannot be duplicated.