S3 Cost Over Time Report (Billing Based)

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S3 Cost Over Time report provides a breakdown of S3 costs per bucket over time for a specified time frame.  This is an good way to determine the buckets that are your main cost drivers as well as observe trends in your S3 usage and spend.


Date Range


Groups and Filters


Field Description
Account Name The account or subscription name.
Bucket (S3) Storage area for objects.

Region the resource is hosted.

Storage Class

Select the storage class.


Extended Filter


Resolution - Day, week, month, quarter year
Use Show/Hide to select the instances to display in the report.


Viewing S3 Costs Per Bucket

To view S3 costs per bucket:

1. In Date Range, select the date range for which you want to see compute power.

2. In Groups, select the relevant grouping options and then in Filter, select specific items or view all.

3. In Extended Filters, set the resolution of the results in the report. Use Show/Hide to select the specific instances to display in the report results.