Grouping and Filtering in Amortized Cost Over Time Report

The Amortized Cost Over Time report displays the trend of usage costs and one-time fees amortized over lifetime of the reservation or asset.

Select a Date Range.


Select Tags to include in the report.


Groups and Filters


Field Description
Provider The cloud provider to which the assets and expenses are associated.
Service Select a service, multiple services or select all services.
Linked Account

For AWS users, using consolidated billing in AWS, an account designated as a payer account can pay the charges of the other accounts, which are called linked accounts. The payer account and the accounts linked to it are called a Consolidated Billing account family.

For Azure users, a linked account are the subscriptions linked to the parent account.
Cost Type Select a cost type or multiple cost types, or select all. Cost types include: One-Type Fee, Support and Usage Cost.

Region the resource is hosted.

Availability Zone AWS isolated locations within a region.
Usage Type Usage type can be one-time fees or recurring fees.
Resource Type The type of resource in use.
Sub Type Select the sub-type, or multiple subtypes.
Operation Select the operation or show all.
Price Model All Upfront, Heavy Utilization, Light Utilization, No upfront, Partial Upfront, On Demand, Reservation, Spot



Use filters to determine which items for the groups will be displayed in the report.

Select Save Filters to reused in other reports. 


Extended Filters

Policy - Select Standalone, Consolidated or all.