Viewing Cost Fluctuations (During Cost Analysis)

During cost analysis, you may notice that in a certain account there was an increase in cost or decrease for an instance. Drill down into that instance and see where the additional spend is from.

To drill down to view cost trends and spikes:

  1. Go to Cost > Cost Analysis and then Actual Cost Over Time.

  2. In Tags. add the desired tag filters to the report.

  3. In Groups, click + to add a group.

  4. In Filter, select any filters to display in the report.

  5. In Extended Policy:

    • In Policy, select Standalone account to see which of the linked accounts is using this resource.

  6. Add Service Filter: EC2 or desired service to review.

  7. Set Resource type to Show all.

  8. Select the Account Name and filter accordingly to see the cost trends and spikes.