Analyzing Costs Over Time

To analyze cost over time:

  1. Go to Cost Allocation, select Cost Allocation Analysis and then select Cost Over Time.
  2. In Date Range, select the time period you want to analyze.
  3. In Groups, select the values you want to analyze.
  4. In Filter, refine the search results to drill down to a specific instance or show all instances.
  5. In Extended Filters:
  • Select the Cost Model for this report.
  • In Amortization, select amortized cost or actual cost.

Note: Amortization is the cost of a one-time fee as if it was calculated over the lifetime of the instance, rather than as a one-time fee.

  • In Resolution, select the time frame you want to drill down to.
  • In Allocation Rules select Applied or Disabled.
  • In Uncategorized, select Show or Hide.
  1. Select the view type for the report.
  2. Use Show/Hide fields to select the instances to display.
  3. Select the View type:
  • Select Table icon to view this report in a table format.
  • Select Area icon to view this report in an area chart.
  • Select Line icon to view this report in a line chart.
  • Select Column icon to view this report in a column chart.