Analyzing Costs Using the Cost Analysis Report

Cost Allocation > Cost Allocation Analysis > Cost Analysis

To view costs by tags for a specific time frame:

  1. In Date Range, select the date range for the time frame you want to analyze.

  2. In Tags, select the tagged values you want to be included in the report and click Add + to add additional tags.

  3. In Groups, select the groups you want to be included in the report and click Add + to add additional groups.

Tip: If you are uncertain what to choose, you may want to see your groupings based on tag categories.

  1. In Filter, use the dropdown menus to refine the fields in the results to specific items within each group, or select Show all to view all of the results for the group.

  2. Use Extended Filters to define the criteria for the results displayed in the report:
  • Cost Model - Select the Cost Model you would like to use. These are the policies you created in the Cost Allocation 360° Manager.

  • Amortization - Select whether you want to see the actual cost or the amortized cost.

Note: If you have a one-time fee, you can see it spread out over the life of the assets.

  • Allocation Rules - If you want to see tagging without the Cloudyn cost allocation policies applied, (RDS, EC2, EBS) select Disable.

  • Uncategorized costs can be shown or hidden.
  1. If desired, change the order of the report results. To do this, drag the section in the left pane to the desired location.

  2. Select the display type. Different visual displays provide alternate options for viewing results. Options include: Column, Pie, Sunburst or Table. For more information on display types, see Cost Analysis View Options.
  • [In Column Chart] select or deselect Stacked if desired.
  • [In Table View] select Show Subtotals to show the subtotals.
  • [In Pie Chart] Set the threshold by entering the threshold in View Threshold.
  1. In Service, select Show All to see all services that are running.

Note: If you are using a chart other than a table, switch to table to sort by size to view the list of running services and their total costs.