Cost Allocation 360° - Cost Model

There are five main tabs in the Cost Allocation Model: Accounts, Categorization, Uncategorized Resources, AWS Reserved Instances and Summary.


Fields Description
Accounts Select the accounts to include in the cost model. This can be a combination of consolidated and/or standalone accounts. You can also set all existing and future accounts to be displayed on this report.
Categorization Categories are groups of tags or metadata. You can select multiple categories in each policy.
Uncategorized Resources

There are a few types of uncategorized resources:

  • For AWS, untagged EC2/EBS and RDS instances and all other AWS Services.
  • For Azure, untagged of all Azure services.

While there other AWS services that are taggable, Cloudyn currently processes tag data for these services only.

Use this section to create allocation rules for uncategorized resources.
AWS Reserved Instances Create rules to assign reserved instances to selected categories.
Summary Review the details of the cost model. Save as a draft or save and activate.