Scheduling Reports

Cloudyn reports can be set to run at scheduled intervals, sent to a recipient list or an S3 Bucket.

To schedule a report:

  1. From the report, select Actions, and then select Schedule ReportThe Save or schedule report this report window is displayed.
  2. In Send to, select the recipient list or create a new recipient list.
  3. In Schedule, select the interval (daily, weekly or monthly). For weekly and monthly, select the day or dates to be delivered and select the time.
  4. In Report format, check as Excel attachment if the report should be delivered as an attachment. 
    Note: Report results that are displayed in chart format can be delivered as a graph by selecting As Email Content.
  5. Select Save to Bucket to save the report to an S3 bucket. Note: The bucket must have Write permissions to save the report to the bucket.
  6. Click Save to save the schedule.

Note: To share this report, in the Save tab, in Share, select Public if you want to share the report with others within your organization or select My Entity to share within your entity only. Note: If you do not share the report, it remains a personal report, to which only you have view access. For reports with multiple recipients, select Public to assure all recipients can view the report.