Overview of Cloudyn

Cloudyn provides you with a number of preset and customizable dashboards and reports to govern and manage your cloud deployment. Dashboards highlight important information at a glance, while reports allow you to drill down into the details of your deployments and various scenarios.


Cloudyn reports are available for: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform

Standard reports are grouped into the following main categories:

  • Cost: This section contains reports that provide detailed cost analysis and projections of your cloud spend for all accounts being monitored by Cloudyn. There are two main reporting views: Cost Analysis and Cost Over Time. The Cost Analysis report provides a snapshot view of spend during the selected time period. The Cost Over Time report displays spend over time to allow you to observe trends and detect irregularities in your deployment.

  • Assets: Asset reports provide detailed information as well as usage and performance results for your cloud assets. Asset reports include trending and utilization analysis of your instances and storage.

  • Optimizer: Optimization reports focus on identifying opportunities for savings and improved efficiency. This can be achieved through rightsizing undersized or oversized instances, addressing inefficiencies (unattached disks and unused Reserved Instances (RI), (AWS), or Reserved Instance purchases (AWS).

  • Clouds: Cloud reports allow you to view the cost of running your current deployment if ported to a different cloud provider.

  • My Tools: A management console for all of your saved and scheduled reports and alerts.