New Saved Filters feature added to Cost Reports to be re-used Assets and Optimizer Reports

You can now save filters and use them across all Cost Reports (as well as using them in some Assets and Optimizer Reports). This feature will allow you to more easily find the cost of a group of Assets for example.


Filters may be saved, deleted, or renamed, but are currently only available for use from your own user account.


Items that can be filtered and grouped are in the grey "Save filter" box within a report. (The other parts of searches may be saved as part of a report, but not a as part of a saved filter).


Saved Filters may include:

  • Tags: You can Group or Filter by Account Tags or Resource Tags in Cost Reports (but make sure to think about where you want to re-use a filter since not all tags may be used in all other report types, such as Asset and Optimizer reports).
  • Groups: You can Group by Service, Provider, Account Name, Resource Type, etc.
  • Filters: You can Filter by Service, Provider, Account Name, Resource Type, etc.