How to add credentials for Azure CSP

Cloudyn for Azure CSP partners program is a multi-tenant cloud business management solution, similar to that which was created for enterprises, that enables CSPs to seamlessly manage and monitor their customer’s Microsoft Azure deployments for optimal efficiency and growth. CSPs may have many customers, and subsequently need the capability to manage all of their customers’ subscriptions and accounts, support their billing portal functionality, and present details of any custom charges, custom markups and discounts which they can do efficiently and effectively with Cloudyn for Microsoft CSP.


Cloudyn for Azure CSP also provides an added value for Azure CSP end-customers. With Cloudyn, end-customers are able to gain granular real-time visibility into their cloud consumption, cost and usage and enables accurate cost allocation and chargeback across their companies. This increased visibility will enable them to optimize and streamline their cloud consumption for efficient and continued cloud growth.

To whom is CSP support available?

1) Azure CSP support is available for customers with MSP subscription type only.

2) One can choose to add either EA or CSP credentials per entity.



1. Go to and login with

your CSP credentials. You should see window similar to the below:



2. Select “Account settings”:



3. Select “App Management”.

4. Register application and generate the client secret:


5. You will need to use the following data to register CSP credentials in Cloudyn app:


- Client ID (“App ID”)

- Microsoft ID (“Commerce ID”)

- Client Secret (“application secret key”)


6. Log into Cloudyn app and go to Cloud Account panel via the settings cog and click on the Azure tab.

7. Choose CSP accounts in the radio buttons:



8. Update the information you've copied in point 5, in the pop-up window and choose the relevant Rate Id:



9. You are set to go.