Category Manager - Creating Categories

Using the Category Manager, users can organize all variations of a tag and different naming conventions used for tags into a single category. This enhances the accuracy of reporting of these tags, assuring that tags that may have been misspelled, named differently by different user and so on are included in the report. 

To categorize tags:

  1. From Settings, select Category Manager. The Category Manager page is displayed.
  2. Click +. The Add New Category window is displayed.
  3. In Name, enter a unique name for your new tag key. Please note you cannot use an existing name of key/value.
  4. In Key, enter the keys you want to include in the category.
  5. In Mode, choose whether you wish to create the mapping manually or you wish to import a file.
    • If you choose to import a file, export the template first, fill it in and import it back to Cloudyn.
    • If you choose the manual option, continue to the creation of Wildcard step.
  6. In Wildcard type the wildcard to use and in Action, enter an action for the wildcard.
    • *- use all values
    • *ab- use all values that ends with ab
    • ab*- use all values that starts with ab
    •  *ab* -use all values that contains ab
    • a?c - matches a single alphabet in a specific position.
      1. adc,atc,abc.......
    • [] -matches characters within the brackets. for example a[en]t will be true for aet ,ant but not for aft
    • 1#3 - matches any single numeric character. for example  103, 113, and 123
    • More wild cards examples you may find here :
  7. Click + to add additional wildcards.
  8. Click Save.