Cloudyn Product Updates - Sizing Thresholds Manager

Sizing recommendation results are generated based on performance metrics data and usage patterns from the last 30 days and highlight potential opportunities to improve efficiency.  We understand that while our recommendations are very helpful as is, users should have the ability to customize the sizing thresholds so our recommendations can be more actionable for your unique workloads.  

Simply navigate to the Sizing Thresholds Manager (Optimizer > Optimization Manager > Sizing Thresholds Manager), adjust the average and maximum CPU and Memory thresholds, and our sizing recommendation reports will be immediately updated.  If at any point you would like to return to Cloudyn’s default thresholds, simply select Restore Defaults.



Keep in mind you can also define custom thresholds in our Metrics Explorer report (Optimizer > Sizing Optimization > Metrics Explorer) and view all instances that qualify as underutilized.