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The Instance Metrics Explorer report, provides cross-cloud performance metrics per instance. Use this report to find out which instances are over - or under - utilized based on the thresholds CPU and Memory metrics are reported and Network metrics will be added in the near future.

To view cross-cloud performance per instance:

  1. In Date Range, select a date range for which you want to view performance.
  2. In Tags, select any tags desired. See Tags, for more information.
  3. In Filters, select the filters you want to display in the report.
  4. In Extended Filters, adjust the report thresholds for:
  • Avg CPU
  • Max CPU
  • Avg Memory
  • Max Memory
  1. In Extended Filters, Show, select the type of instances to display.


To view a specific instances metrics over time:

  • Go to Instance Metrics Explorer report and click + to view details.