Cloudyn Product Update - Data Integration: Scheduled reports delivered to a S3 Bucket

Cloudyn users are now able to schedule saved report delivery directly to a S3 bucket in CSV or JSON format. This enables you to integrate Cloudyn data with external systems.

To enable this feature for all of your Cloudyn users, an Admin user must first grant role based access to Cloudyn with permission to save reports in your S3 buckets. 

Navigate to the configuration widget at the top right of the application and you will see Buckets Management.


In Buckets Management, select Add New.  Download our How to Add Permissions document which will guide you through the process of creating the required role based access. Once you have created the role, return to the Buckets Management page and select the relevant account and bucket.



Now when any user from your organization creates a saved report, they will be able to schedule its delivery to an S3 bucket.

When saving a report, there is an option of Save to bucket where you can select the bucket, add a prefix to the file name, and select the file format.

Feel free to contact with any questions.