Cloudyn Product Updates - Optimization Actions – RI modification and Snapshot deletion

Optimizer > Inefficiencies > EC2 Currently Unused Reservations

Through our EC2 Currently Unused Reservations report, not only can you see your AWS RI’s that are not currently in use, we also make you aware of opportunities to modify RI’s to match on demand instances you are already using.  Now you are able to act on these recommendations directly in the Cloudyn application once credentials are provided.


This is done by selecting Modify next to the unused reserved instance.


You will then be taken to a Modify RI portal where you can select the RI modifications to perform.



AWS Snapshots can now also be deleted directly in Cloudyn.  If you go to our Active Disks report (Assets > Disks > Active Disks), expand on a disk that has snapshots and expand on Active Snapshots of Specific Disk, you can then select the snapshots you wish to delete.