Cloudyn Product Updates - Enterprise Dashboard Sharing

One of the strategies we have seen applied successfully by our Enterprise partners in driving Cloudyn adoption and adding value across an organization is replicating Cloudyn custom dashboards to all entities.  Each organization has unique objectives when it comes to cloud optimization and management and by creating a dashboard with custom reports focused on your priorities and goals, your users will be focused on achieving them. Additionally, it removes the necessity to search Cloudyn for the data important to them which can sometimes be a barrier to adoption.


Dashboard sharing is now possible for Cloudyn admin users through our Enterprise dashboard sharing feature.  When editing a custom dashboard, you can now choose to share it.  This will automatically replicate the dashboard to all of your Cloudyn entities/customers.  If you make additions or edit the dashboard, the changes will be applied to your entities dashboard as well.



Saved reports can be shared as well. If you select Actions > Save to my reports, at the bottom left of the Save details tab is an option to Share the report. If you select Share you are presented with two options:

  • Public Report – the report will be a saved report for all users in your entity
  • Global Public Report – the report will be a saved report for all users in all of your Cloudyn entities